The Payday Ballad

by Feldrin

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This started out as a small, single stanza at the end of one of my Payday 2 videos that I referred to as 'The Ballad of OCD NPCs'. With time it grew into a full track.

Track #1 is the full track.
Track #2 is the instrumental version.

The video version is up on youtube:


released June 29, 2015




Feldrin Netherlands

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Track Name: The Payday Ballad
I was a civilian,
just walking through a store.
Until I found a window
half broken on the floor.
I called the cops,
they came at once,
and now the store’s no more.

But of us, there are, bazillions
So don’t feel bad when we die
Just gotta pay the fee
For every killing spree
A few thousands, it ain’t much
Civilians don’t bear a grudge

I am a policeman
Tomorrow I’ll retire
But why is that box open
It’s best if I inquire
Hid silently
In front of me
A heister opens fire

Once, we were all alive
Before we got real dumb and died
We saw a guy zip past
Heard him break some glass
One of us squealed a yell
And everything went to hell

I look through a camera
Within a closed off room
Until I spot a gym bag
I’m certain, this spells doom
Alarm goes off
The game restarts
The camera guy resumes

I am a new heister
Just looking for a steal
First gotta get past this guard
Shit, why did that reveal
The cuffs come out
I feel real dumb
Let’s read up on conceal

At first, the game’s pretty hard
Before you get some skills and smart
Just read up a few guides
The long one’s a good start
And feel free to ask around
We all got tips to impart

Even after hours
Shit sometimes just goes wrong
No need to get all angry
Just try to get along
Bring guns and stuff
Go click some cops
Perhaps try out Swan song

Once, we were all alive
Before we got real dumb and died
We thought we could zip past
But dodge can be brittle as glass
Too far for an inspire yell
And everything goes to hell